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Andrey Mohila, Ukrainian designer returns to BED following the discovery of his bed project called DUOO or Fly Desk in order to present us today Friendly desk for the Citek brand. As the name suggests, this desk will be your greatest friend during your long working days. Connected, this desk is presented in a closed, more minimalist version which reveals all its hidden functions in a few gestures. So you can connect your computer as well as all your peripherals and laptop thanks to the cover with a flap to let the cables pass. Then, two large drawers will allow you to make a clean sweep after your work, a tidy desk for clear ideas! The one on the left compartmentalized, will accommodate magazine and utensils, the one on the right, will be used for your pencils and pens. It is no longer to be proven that the workspace, its optimization, its organization, its decoration have a direct influence on your productivity, a new solution is offered to us in this sense!
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