Сozy Loft SERVANT ЕДА & ЛЮДИ in NM HOUSE №1-2 (16) 2017 - Сitek
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NM HOUSE №1-2 (16) 2017 Сozy Loft SERVANT FOOD & PEOPLE

"Servant" interior has been created out of communal apartment elements. "Loft" style was taken by us as a main idea. Decoration elements and interior materials play up and stylize life situation has a certain period of existence of the "big country". It is so-called communal mode of life where there is a common corridor, a common kitchen, a common bathroom. People named it "Aquarium". All the people are together, everything is in front of everyone. Everybody knows what is being occurred with one another; everybody uses the things of others: kettles, bowls, glasses, books everything is common.

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