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Family restaurant "SERVANT": Comfortable Room with Notes of Nostalgia

"Servant" interior has been created out of communal apartment elements. "Loft" style was taken by us as the main idea. Decoration elements and interior materials play up and stylize life situations has a certain period of existence of the "big country". It is a so-called communal mode of life where there is a common corridor, a common kitchen, a common bathroom. People named it "Aquarium". All the people are together, everything is in front of everyone. Everybody knows what is being occurred with one another; everybody uses the things of others: kettles, bowls, glasses, books everything is common.

This is a "Communal apartment" in which it is comfortable.
The main designer's task was to create a communal apartment spirit or to tell the truth to create a dream world where everybody knows everybody, where they spend time together, where everybody becomes a part of a big and friendly family. It is not a real "communal apartment" but the best things which appear when the people share the happiest events in their lives. It can be a son's birthday party, a boss' anniversary event, a friend's wedding, a hen-party!

It is an idea implementation into reality.
Interior local lighting with the "Edison's lamps" makes the restaurant atmosphere cozy, mysterious, family, chamber. At the same time, all these elements have been reproduced not in a step-by-step way but with irony not to go into the real situation. It means there are a lot of used working methods that bring easiness, jocosity, democracy, and relevance. The interior seats have a versatile character with different degrees of comfort. The room's colors are rich, colorful, bright, and at the same time the colors of metal, concrete, and clinker hand-formed brick supplement "Loft" shade; in general the rooms are stylish. Lights pull out of the darkness the bright accents and functional areas, they create coziness and decorative. The "Green wall" adds the age coloring of a summer little balcony and home situation; the curtains on the first-floor windows of the banqueting halls help have just the same result. The different housing things form a "collection" and are put around the house.

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