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DUOO: re-interpreted Japanese aesthetics and minimalism

ZEGEN company in cooperation with Ukrainian designer Andrey Mohyla presents a new collection called DUOO. A pair of samurai swords Daishō became the main idea, for the embodiment of which the principle of duality of the material was chosen - wood and metal, and two colors of veneer. Translated from Japanese, the name Daishō means "big - small", it can be traced in the collection. Some of the elements of the ruler consist of large and small objects. For example, there is a table where a small wooden shelf is located above a large wooden surface. In general, furniture recreates the spirit and style of traditional Japanese houses with a desire for minimalism of forms. The collection of Andrey Mohyla is subordinated to the basic principles of minimalism: no extra details - only those that perform a certain function or those that create an authentic style of the ruler. For example, the ends of the writing and coffee tables, which resemble the shape of the tip of Japanese swords.  From 27 to 30 September, the DUOO collection was presented at the largest Ukrainian exhibition of the latest trends in the interior of furniture, light, home textiles and decor Design Living Tendency 2017.

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